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vis_scannerSAFEsky is now offering FAST FBI record checks for anyone, US Citizens, Permanent Residents and individuals from any other country. Live scan fingerprinting is available for US Citizens or permanent Residents, and the FD-258 card is used for all other applicants. Individuals seeking Immigration Status Adjustment, Visa Applications for other countries or a copy of your background check for personal review can now use our FAST Ink card submissions to the FBI, irregardless of your nationality or citizenship. The process is fast and simple, and available in the Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando office. In order to be fingerprinted, the client must present valid photo identification. Fingerprint results are available online in most cases within 4 – 48 hours.  An apostile is a government issued notary seal that permits the documents to be sent to an international agency. Please note: SAFESky does not guarantee the processing time or shipping of your FAST FBI report. The report will be available on line, and shipped to you, after the FBI completes the fingerprint check. SAFEsky does not guarantee USPS, UPS or FedEx shipment times.

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GAPS – Georgia Applicant Processing Service (Cogent) Atlanta, Ga.

 IMG_7634GAPS fingerprinting is as easy as 1-2-3.  
1 – Register and prepay online (Register here)

2- Print the receipt.

3- Schedule your appointment.

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SAFEsky is an authorized GAPS live scan fingerprint collector.  We fingerprint applicants for the Georgia Court Services, Department of Behavioral Health, Community Health, Public Health, Juvenile Justice, Early care and learning, Driver Services, Banking and Finance, Office of Insurance, Fire Safety, Secretary of State, Real Estate Commissioner, Human Services, Educational Agencies and the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency.

imgresThe U.S. Department of State issues both Authentication Certificates and Apostiles. The determination of which certificate is issued is based on the country in which the document will be used.  Authentication Certificates are issued for documents which are destined for use in countries that are not parties to the Hague Apostile Convention.
Clients mail in their request for Apostile to the US Department of State. There are 4 steps client must follow
  • A completed Request of Authentications Service DS-4194 form – Be sure to specify the document’s country of use in Section 4
  • Document to be apostile/certified
  • Check or money order for $8 per apostile/certification
  • A self-addressed prepaid return envelope

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$79 or less! No matter where you live in the World, SAFEsky can process your fingerprints for a Florida Medical License for $79 or less.  Nursing, Physician, CNA/LPN and more.  Our simple process will help you obtain or renew your license quickly.  Simply send us your fingerprint cards (we need 2 FBI Form FD-258) if you do not have the cards, download and print the form on plain white paper, click here for FD-258 Form. Mail the fingerprint cards and the SAFEsky Out of State applicant form to the address on our form.  We will invoice you via email and you can pay conveniently online.  Your SAFESky form must be legible.  Include a copy of your government ID. Optional: You can include a passport size photo – no glasses, no hats, no smiling, plain white background if you wish to provide the photo to Dept. of Health for future in-state employment.  Use firm envelope, and send certified mail, UPS or FedEx with a tracking number to ensure we receive your confidential information.

SAFEsky will process your fingerprints upon receipt and send you a submission confirmation  Processing time for the Department of Health is usually 2-5 days. SAFEsky does not guarantee fast processing for the Florida Department of Health.

Click Here for the Out of State Application page and fingerprint instructions.


FREE SHUTTLE – To/From Broward County Courthouse and Tri Rail Station

Fort Lauderdale is pleased to offer fingerprinting for all your GovernmentFingerprinting needs.  We offer adoption, expungement, name change and more. If you need fingerprinting, just look for the 1 East Broward Shuttle in front of the Broward County or call 954-881-1204. The service is free and after you get fingerprinted, the shuttle will take you back to the Courthouse. The Tri Rail shuttle picks up at the Broward Blvd. bus stop, just across the street from our office.


Click here for our price list.  The State of Florida mandates the background screening fee for each ORI.  You will need to know the ORI number to determine the appropriate fee.

What can we do for you?
  • Florida ORIs and Fingerprinting Fees

    State of Florida ORI listings for reference only.

  • FAST FBI Record Check

    We do not guarantee turn around times as the FBI does not process record request on weekends,...

  • Manual FBI Record Check

    Manual Ink Fingerprint submission to the FBI. Can take 45 days to process*

  • Florida Live Scan

    SAFEsky offers State of Florida Live Scan services to individuals from anywhere in the world...

  • Aviation Services

    TSA approved GSC training course is available for your airline or aviation related service...

  • Ink Fingerprinting

    Ink and Live Scan fingerprinting for business, government or personal needs.

  • Immigration

    Fingerprinting & FBI checks for Passport renewal, Visa applications and U.S. Immigration...

  • GAPS

        SAFEsky is an authorized GAPS (Georgia Applicant Processing Service, also known as...

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